A rash is a skin condition characterized by visual changes that occur on the surface of the skin. This condition involves the skin deviating from its normal color to form an area of redness, pink or purple. Rashes can occur for many different reasons, including allergies, infections, skin irritation, drug reactions and sometimes serious medical conditions. Rashes often come with symptoms such as itching, burning or tenderness and should be examined by a dermatologist or specialist doctor. Treatment can vary depending on the cause of the rash and various methods can be used to relieve or eliminate symptoms.
Redness and rashes can occur at any age and on any skin type and can occur for a number of different reasons. A wide range of factors can cause rashes, including allergies, skin irritation, infections, drug reactions, insect bites and sometimes serious medical conditions. Allergic reactions can develop to various foods, plants or animals and can cause redness and rashes on the skin. Infections, especially bacterial, viral or fungal skin infections, are a common cause of rashes. Drug reactions can cause skin rashes due to the use of certain medications.
Silverions are silver ions with antimicrobial properties and can be used to treat skin infections. Redness and rashes can sometimes be associated with bacterial infections, so silverions can be effective in controlling these infections. They can also relieve itching by reducing inflammation in the skin and help the skin’s healing process.
On the other hand, the biopolymer chitin can strengthen the skin barrier and reduce moisture loss. Most rashes and redness occur when the skin barrier is weakened, which leads to loss of moisture in the skin. By retaining skin moisture, chitin can support the skin barrier and contribute to the healing process of rashes.
Our products are especially developed for the skin problems of bedridden patients, psoriasis and skin wounds. This special product is designed with 5in1 Technology and is fortified with Silverion, Biopolymer chitin, vitamin E, vitamin B and restorative organic oils. Thus, it supports the overall health of the skin as well as skin problems.
Developed with an understanding of the difficulties experienced by bedridden patients and individuals with skin problems, Doctor Silver Ion not only alleviates symptoms, but also contributes directly to the healing processes of the skin. Silverion provides effective protection against germs and maintains pH balance in our products. Biopolymer Chitin helps to maintain the skin’s moisture balance and improves skin elasticity, helping to reactivate and revitalize cells.