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Body Cleansing Towel


Body Cleansing Towel

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It is used to clean hair and remove dead cells without using water with patented Doctorsilverion technology. It is used in cases where the hair and head area cannot be washed and cleaned with water. It is made of a special waterproof fabric. It can be attached to the head with its special latex-free rubber and completely grip the hair. It does not cause skin irritation because it does not contain latex. Thanks to the special composition on the inner layer, daily hair cleaning and care can be carried out with an enriched solution impregnated with a non-woven fabric with high absorbency. It does not require rinsing and drying afterwards. Thanks to its liquid-proof outer layer, it prevents liquid from contacting the outer surface.



  • Package contents are 1 pcs.
  • It prevents the formation of dandruff, eczema, on the scalp. It will cure.
  • It contains pure water enriched with ozone. It does not contain alcohol and parabens.
  • SLS does not include SLES.
  • Prevents the formation of rash and redness.
  • It allows the skin to maintain its natural moisture with aloe vera and vitamins.
  • It prevents the skin from drying out, softens and moisturizes naturally.
  • With the anti-inflammatory effect of papaya extract, it helps to quickly heal existing inflammation.

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