DOCTOR SILVER ION, Body Cleansing Towel special formulation meets the daily care needs of the skin
thanks to the miraculous healing effect of St. Clinical trials prove that the skin can better protect its
integrity in humid conditions due to its flexibility. With Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Chamomile extract and
Provitamin B5, it makes the skin healthier.

DOCTOR SILVER ION Perineum Towel The product, which is specially prepared with patented
technology for eczema and skin diseases, will not harm the area with its soft texture, with the
miraculous healing effect of St. It will help prevent skin damage as well as care for the urine and
stool areas. It offers a comfortable care opportunity with special components such as Chamomile
Extract and Vitamin E.
It is recommended after changing the diaper, especially in patients who use sick diapers. Depending
on the cleaning of the perineum with extremely basic products such as soap and water, the acid layer
(protective barrier layer) in the area may be deformed. The skin, whose acid layer is deformed, dries up.
Dry skin cracks and these cracks create an extremely favorable environment for urinary infections
in the area.

DOCTOR SILVER ION Cleansing Gloves offers comfortable and safe care opportunities for
bedridden and intensive care patients with its special fabric texture and the miraculous healing
effect of St. its provide vitamin E and Provitamin B5 content, it nourishes the skin.
It is easy to use with its wearable pouch form. Thanks to its special fabric texture, it easily
removes dead cells and dirt from the skin. It can be applied without irritating the skin, it is
produced from a special three-dimensional soft fabric. It helps the patient to feel better with a
pleasant smell after the use of the product.

DOCTOR SILVER ION Shampoo Cap; With the miraculous healing effect of St. Centaury Oil and
the innovative and technological combination of Silver ion & Bio polymer kitin, it is used to remove
dead cells from the hair, to relax the scalp and hair, and to clean the head area with patented
technology for eczema and skin diseases. With its rich content, it gives softness to the hair and
makes the hair look brighter. Moisturizes and shines hair with Provitamin B5 and Glycerin, soothes
scalp and hair with chamomile extract and Aloe- vera.