With the miraculous healing effect of ST. John’s wort oil and its soft texture, it will not harm the area. It will help to prevent skin damage, as well as the care urine and fecal areas. It offers a comfortable care opportunity with its special ingredients such as Papaya Extract and Vitamin E. It is especially recommended after changing the baby’s diaper in patiens who use diapers.


Package contents are 12,25, 50 pcs.
The product size in the package is 20x22 cm
The silver ion and Bio Polymer Kit’s promise makes their wounds accelerate.
It contains pure water enriched with ozone. It does not contain alcohol and parabens.
SLS does not include SLES.
Prevents the formation of diaper rash and redness.
It allows the skin to maintain its natural moisture with aloe vera and vitamins.
It prevents the skin from drying out, softens and moisturizes naturally.
With the anti-inflammatory effect of papaya extract, it helps to quickly heal existing inflammation.