A Revolutionary Cleaning Cloth for the Bedridden Patient!

Standard wet wipes are now behind the times! Doctorsilverion is a body cleaning cloth and towel specially designed for bedridden patients. Thanks to its unique formula, it not only cleans, but also offers protection, moisturizing and restorative properties. Here are the prominent benefits of Doctorsilverion, developed with 1 in 5 technology:


Package contents are 12 pcs.
The product size in the package is 20x30 cm
The silver ion and Bio Polymer Kit’s promise makes their wounds accelerate.
It contains pure water enriched with ozone. It does not contain alcohol and parabens.
SLS does not include SLES.
Prevents the formation of diaper rash and redness.
It allows the skin to maintain its natural moisture with aloe vera and vitamins.
It prevents the skin from drying out, softens and moisturizes naturally.
With the anti-inflammatory effect of papaya extract, it helps to quickly heal existing inflammation.